Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you create the IPDP?

    We had a client who wanted to protect his sci-fi feature film using the power of bitcoin and NFTs. This technology can now be leveraged by anyone. Right now, all of the popular creator platforms are run by centralized companies that gatekeep how you should behave. We believe that as long as your content is not illegal, you should be able to post what you want without censorship or filtering.

  • How would I use it?

    You can now run your very own NFT ticket protected version of Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Substack etc. You can run your very own portal if you're an influencer, or you could create your own branded platform where you can curate your own users.

  • Why would I want NFT tickets to protect my content?

    Aside from the obvious reasons you would want only ticket holders to see your content, you have the opportunity for legal secondary sales of your tickets. Imagine only having 100 exclusive tickets available for purchase, this would mean a high demand, and you can get a portion of every resale of one of those tickets in perpetuity. You have unprecedented access to your fans like never before. You could offer incentives and access to other things like events, private chat groups, swag/merch etc. only for your NFT ticket holders.

  • Allow your customers to pay you directly?

    Chances are you can't take direct payments on your existing content platforms; with bitcoin, liquid and lightning payments (liquid and lightning are layer 2 bitcoin!), you can sell NFT tickets to access your content. With lightning payment you can also allow for tips, including real-time tips if you're doing real-time content. Because we're not using dirty fiat (USD etc), you're not bound by any of the racist, stigmatized, and restrictive rules those industries have put on you. Allow your users to pay you and access your content without any more middle men or gatekeepers.

  • What does it cost?

    We consider ourselves partners with you, and by using our technology, you cut out all of the other middlemen. There will be an upfront development cost so that we can make your portal look and feel exactly how you want, and once you agree for it to go live, we move into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model where we bill you per month.

  • Guarantees?

    No more gatekeepers if you partner with us! We offer a 100% guarantee you will be up 99.44% of the time. We don't hold stigma or judgement, as long as your content isn't illegal, we'll keep your platform up and running.

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